The Power of Focus: Success

When I was in my undergraduate studies, I realized that there were two types of learning. There were those who were naturally brilliant and could play during the semester, “cramming” or studying only before exams; they did quite well. Then, there were those of us who required continuous study throughout the year in addition to focused study at the end, before exams. I used to call the latter type of learning “seat power.” They, likewise, did quite well; they just required more effort.

Daniel Goleman (author of the best-selling Emotional Intelligence) has written a new book entitled Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence. Goleman’s “focus” is the equivalent of my “seat power.” In other words, when you remain in your seat, focused on the task in front of you, you are more likely to succeed in accomplishing that particular goal or task then you would otherwise be.

His premise is that our ability to block out the massive digital distractions is reduced by the “cognitive exhaustion” those distractions cause. Now I know why I am fatigued when I all-too- frequently review the hundreds of email (most of which have to be deleted) that enter into my system on a daily basis.

In other words, we must focus our energies, ignore the many digital images that distract us, and complete one task at a time. This reminds me of an earlier blog post I wrote concerning multitasking. The reality is that we cannot multitask although we do many things sequentially. When we allow ourselves to “multitask” (or think we are), we are allowing ourselves to be digitally distracted and cognitively exhausted.

It is my intent to focus more specifically on the tasks at hand, in line with my priorities list, without so much reference to email and other digital distractions; by taking greater control of myself, I look forward to accomplishing more – being more successful – with less fatigue.


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Drug Shortage Forces Ohio to Turn to Lethal Substitute for Execution

Ohio officials say they’re pushing ahead with the scheduled execution of a convicted child murderer despite running out of the drug that was supposed to be used to execute him.


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Controlling Costs Related to a Settlement

Ametros Financial has partnered with Ringler Medicare Solutions to offer professional administration services to expand the Medicare Set Aside, Medical Cost Projection, and Life Care Planning services, with the main purpose being to control costs related to a settlement. On Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen welcomes colleague Cindy Chanley, and guest, Ken Paradis, co-founder of Ametros Financial, to talk about MSA CareGuard, alleviating some of the anxiety for claimants and plaintiffs, dealing with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the importance of compliance for all the players involved in a structured settlement.


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Roberta Gelb on Technology Training

Roberta Gelb, president of Chelsea Office Systems, talks about how trends such as cloud computing and bring your own device (BYOD) have law firms realizing the importance of training in the adoption of new technologies.


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Will Lawyers Always Be Late Adopters?

Lawyers are known as notorious late adopters of technology. Is that a fair characterization? Of course it is. What makes lawyers so cautious about new technologies? Will lawyers always be late adopters? In this episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss some recent experiences that have reinforced the idea that lawyers are late adopters, the reasons people do and do not adopt new technologies, and practical ways for lawyers to think about moving to new technologies.


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