Biggest Mistakes by Lawyers in Business Development

On The Un-Billable Hour, host Attorney Rodney Dowell, joins Paramjit Mahli, a Development Coach/Consultant for lawyers at The Rainmakers Roundtable, to discuss some of the biggest mistakes lawyers make when it comes to business development and what kind of “skill set” lawyers need in order to be successful when it comes to business development.


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Transgender Family Law in the Courts

Advocates for the transgender community say this segment of the population faces an extremely difficult time in court because of bias and misunderstanding, especially in cases of parental rights and protection for transgender youth. Lawyer2Lawyer co-host and attorney, Bob Ambrogi breaks down the difficulties the transgender community faces every day with Attorney Jennifer L. Levi, the director of GLAD’s Transgender Rights Project and Attorney Elizabeth E. Monnin-Browder from Ropes & Gray and a former GLAD attorney. Jennifer and Liz also discuss their new book, Transgender Family Law: A Guide to Effective Advocacy.


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Consumer Groups On The Lookout For Immigration Scams

There’s been a lot of talk about immigration reform on Capitol Hill this summer. But scam artists are not waiting for a new law to pass before luring unsuspecting immigrants with the possibility of gaining legal status. Local consumer protection agencies are trying to prevent immigrants from becoming fraud victims.

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Are your fees reasonable?

MyCase features my guest blog post suggesting that there is plenty of work for those lawyers willing to be realistic both in the nature of the clients they serve and the fees they charge.

While you’re at their web site, check out their software. It has been reviewed by many and is well – regarded.


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No Religious Freedom for Corporations, 3rd Circuit Rules

The Third Circuit has split from the Tenth Circuit on the novel question of whether the Supreme Court’s extension of First Amendment protections to corporations includes religious freedom when it ruled on one of several politically-charged challenges to the contraceptive requirement of Obamacare brought around the country.


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