The 2011 Year in Review & Legal Predictions for 2012

From the spectacle of the Casey Anthony trial, to the great debate over the health care law, to the controversial immigration law in Arizona, 2011 was a big year in the law. Lawyer2Lawyer co-hosts and attorneys, J. Craig Williams and Robert Ambrogi welcome returning guest, Stephen L. Kaplan from the firm Hicks, Mims, Kaplan & Burns, to review his 2011 predictions and look ahead to a brand new year, 2012!


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Maritime Injuries and Structured Settlements

You don’t hear much about maritime law until a huge disaster like the Costa Concordia cruise ship, which ran aground off the coast of Italy earlier this year. But the fact is, maritime accidents happen frequently and people are often left severely injured. On Ringler Radio, host Larry Cohen and co-host, Keith Christie join guest, Attorney Charles Leche, a partner at Deutsch, Kerrigan & Stiles, as they take a look at maritime law and how injured parties can have a financially secure future through structured settlements.


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How to Deal With Anger — Yours and Theirs

Law school never teaches you how to deal with anger, whether your own or the client’s, says Michael Maslanka. He offers five insights to help you do just that, including how to derail an amygdala hijacking; when to apologize; and when to stand up for yourself.Visit News & Views


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Will Lawyers Always Be Late Adopters?

Lawyers are known as notorious late adopters of technology. Is that a fair characterization? Of course it is. What makes lawyers so cautious about new technologies? Will lawyers always be late adopters? In this episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss some recent experiences that have reinforced the idea that lawyers are late adopters, the reasons people do and do not adopt new technologies, and practical ways for lawyers to think about moving to new technologies.


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‘Millennium bomber’ sentenced to 37 years in prison

[JURIST] A judge for the US District Court for the Western District of Washington [official website] on Wednesday sentenced [order, PDF] a convicted terrorist to a 37-year prison sentence for a 1999 plot to blow up the Los Angeles International Airport. Ahmed Ressam [PBS profile], an al Qaeda-trained terrorist, was convicted of plotting to blow up Los Angeles International Airport on New Year’s Eve 1999 [CBC timeline]. Judge John Coughenour, who had twice had his sentences of Ressam vacated by…


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Biggest Mistakes by Lawyers in Business Development

On The Un-Billable Hour, host Attorney Rodney Dowell, joins Paramjit Mahli, a Development Coach/Consultant for lawyers at The Rainmakers Roundtable, to discuss some of the biggest mistakes lawyers make when it comes to business development and what kind of “skill set” lawyers need in order to be successful when it comes to business development.


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